Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday - Old Lamer William

While waiting for the lamers, I took this picture, with that sun and those trees, it creates that nice photo with the N95.. Ym's Mom say can watch sun set at my grandpa's house wor, which, i think the sun set is always there, that's why maybe i didn't notice it ler.. now okay lar, i will bring one chair, then put it at my balcony, drink tea, watch sun set, or maybe sun rise also can.. ^^


presenting to you people, Richard Low.. hehehe..

Yin Mei!! - Tidus Watch Ambassador

WAY!! - Don't call him fat okay? he doesn't like it, but it also motivates him to go on diet! don't call him go on a diet lar, i want to yam cha at night also cannot find people in pj. call him out for satay he say on diet. see.. even satay can't tempt him already.. grrr..

William!! Birthday MaN!! - Trying to open his eyes very hard.. haha.. Chill william, you look fine.

Kam and William~

"Tambah Ice la, jangan lazy sangat.. saya ada bayar punya okay!"
(Was only something that i added to this picture below.. hehehe..

Special Guest Starring Chee Horn!! haha!


Have you taken your dinner? Supper? lunch or breakfast?? If you have not please do not scroll down anymore, cause these pictures.. will.. make u drool, haha! SS2, New Paris Restaurant! Even I'm drooling while blogging about this food okay,

Regina and ms, u 2, get your tissues ready.. haha..

Sotong With Spicy Chilly Sauce, what does it taste like? Well, imagine the sweetness of the chilly, mixed with the long beans, which you munch them with your fragrant rice.. the sotong that has the chilly sauce dressed over it, touches your taste buds, that fragrant of the spicy chilly sauce before it reaches your mouth, the aroma from that chilly.. my god.. yummy yummy~~~~!!

Hei Pi Pai Guat- The saltiness and a little sweet taste, was it salty? I can't differentiate the taste because when it reaches my mouth, I can't stop for another bite, those taste of irresistible pai guat, my god.. this dinner is really delicious.. superb~ But it was the sweetness that really kept me going for another bite.. way and kam shared the last piece of the pai guat, and that makes them kuat makan. =)

Everyone's favourite dish, crispy taufu and yok sui, this dish of taufu, although simple, but that simplicity that makes you wanna have more of it, the ham ham dei taste, with that crispy bite of the outer skin of the taufu...... my god.. im drooling now.. so yummy delicious wei!!!! ah kam finished the last bit of the dish, that is enough to explain how well it is the food are being cooked~

Champagne Chicken - served on the watermelon skin, with the juicy watermelons being scooped out from the fruit, sweet and sour taste, was a reconmended dish of the restaurant, when we're at the restaurant, everyone's table has that dish of chicken, so going up all the way to new paris restaurant, yeap, we were here for this dish.. to describe this dish - MUST TRY!!


Why is that gate closed half way wor? - Answers at the bottom.

Nana ym, I'm really taking a picture of u and kam and william lar, smile~

I didnt know the color of the tea was like that, haha... red, so cool~
The place after dinner for tea was Pan Bakery Cafe in State, not bad for their hot chocolate~ =) Ym's Drink

Ah Kam HairCare - Call 017-xxx xxxx for more enquirees on hair gel and tea.

Hot!!! Chocolate Ym. haha...

William didnt stone tonight wei, and he is also trying hard to open his eyes. Hehehe...


FoCus.. Focus... Drink.. Must Drink.. Lemonade.. I am way.. I dont' want to shoot myself.. I am way.. I'm not fat.. I need to go on a diet.. Don't call me to eat.. or else i'll shoot myself.. don't force me.. Focus.. focus..

(Way, when you're seeing this, don't dulan, just go gym with me, haha)


Okay, Tips - Sheep Dog is around.. This picture reminds me of dim sum with not enough sleep with lamers on new year's a few years ago. when way tricked us and went back home to sleep.


William, Sao Seng Gong For You~ HahahaHa

Happy Belated Birthday Old Friend


Good Day and GoodNight


william a.k.a doll said...

haha thanks for that night my frens :) really appreciates it ^^ delicious fuud, nice yumcha at pan... man thanks thanks once again <3

sokteng said...

u oso know how to use the word "NANA" ed..
not bad not bad

RichardLow said...

you're welcome william. Just that we'll be there for you la, don't isolate yourself in asia cafe so much.. Ask us out for tea or what la.. Lol..

St, nana is all those chinese people like me and you use one. Haha.. :-)