Sunday, April 20, 2008

2 places one evening

so full now after listening to the description for dai pao for breakfast in cheras 24 hours old town cafe.. err... even now when i think of it i feel like vomiting.. wakakkaka.. so lame..

okay.. here goes..

so ah kam don't want to dota.. cause that billy keep dc.. and keep saying can play even though he knows his computer tak boleh tahan the rain while his place was raining at that time.. me and way also sien already because he keep dc.. lol..

then ah kam lor.. being a saturday night.. impossible he can sit still at his throne (which is the chair infront of his computer) right? so he ask me and way out lor.. then dragged ym into the chatroom..

and to my surprise.. they came down to cheras.. once in a blue moon~ shah alam lai dao cheras.. very gan dong! T.T


then went you li yam cha, actually wanted to yam tong sui one.. but the tong sui close liao wor.. but still got ouh jian, curry mee, and the one thing that is quite unique about this tea session with the lamers was that.. way..


ramli burger~

okay lor.. not bad lor the food.. but we should have been there earlier.. now we know.. ^^

then hor.. okay lor.. finished our food liao.. no more drinks can be ordered.. so i asked whether do they want to go to a 24 hour old town white coffee in cheras.. then they say there is none.. lol.. wanna bet with me.. haha..

ello kam ym way, my dei pun okay.. ^^

reg and ms.. next time la har.. wont leave u guys out one.. next time lamers gathering.. eat porridge in bolton!

cause ah kam didnt managed to order his porridge for tonight, so i bet he sure got yi han~


good day goodnight.. my stomach is still damn full.. arrrr... dont know how to sleep.. bang sai 1st.. bye bye..

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