Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Today is a freaking lame day for me, everything seems so unright..

maybe it was because i fell asleep infront of the laptop in my room last night, woke up and everything is still turned on, including my lights, and that was 7am in the morning~ eurgh...

then i turned off the lights and continue my sleep.. it was until 12pm i woke up, well okay, started with my comics again, i guess this is really my 1st time in my 21 years of life that i'm actually going after comics, and lots of thanks to way, these chinese comics i hope they will improve my mandarin.. ^^

later that, i went to my grandma's house for lunch, had a little chat with my cousin brothers and most of all it is that i get to game as well with them of course~ ^^ it's like a cyber cafe in my grandma's house now.. haha.. well.. back then as well.

then gaming that time, 2 brother vs 2 brothers, which now, i think it will cause alot of trouble but i still wont give up, because, i think challenging each other brings more experience to each other, not like ah kam, who i always ask to play any game with me, challenge me, he doesn't want it. so be it. i will always remember because he always reject my challenge, ever since it was primary school. dum nigga. (lol)


well.. went to class today, i left cannaught at 4:50pm which my class was 5pm, well, got there at about 5:05pm, the teacher's not here yet, well, wait, wait and wait.. read notes ar.. call people up asking them about the rules and stuffs for dota.. read assignment notes.. read a little financial management notes while waiting for the tutor to come.

520pm, the administrator said that the teacher will come at 530pm.. so we wait.. wait wait wair.. 545pm.. the admin came in again, said that the teacher will replace the class because she can't manage to call the tutor.

everyone then was like.. "meh yeh orh~ ngo lei lit dou chor ar~ deng~"

i was like so numb, and i was like.......................... 4 bucks for parking, all the way from cannaught, speeding, then now u tell me class cancel... grrrrrrrrrr..... 550 that time, the tutor arrived... i was there copying down the final exam timetable


later that jam all the way back to cannaught again.. went to yam cha with shing, which he can talk econs and politics, well just hope that he didn't bored the brothers..

good day and goodnight people.. unfinished post..

want to sleep already.. again.. 3am.. argh~~~!!

discipline richardlow! discipline!

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