Saturday, April 19, 2008

凌晨三点钟 ~ 3am in the morning

No, i'm serious, as in, i'm serious in the sense that me and george went to the kitchen in pj to cook in the middle of the night, well, 3am to be exact.. if you people who have been to my pj house, you all should know that the kitchen is seperated from the house...

and it is like that one.. george ask me if i wanted to eat kfc.. then i say okay, but in the end he say he wanted to eat black mee~ which is something i don't really like, so i say don't want liao.. lol.. don't know why i just don't like that mee~ looks black~ er.. sorry.. duh~ it's black of course.. lol..

then this brother of mine went into the drinking water section in the house and found leftover rice from dinner.. and so he suggested to cook fried rice.. i was like.. yo~ it's 3am, you're going to wake the whole house up?

but i also didn't stop him la cause i also want to try cooking.. no distractions and no one to stop me from playing with fire.. hahahaha.... as if.. (psss: this noob is scared of fire)<<<<<<<<<<<<< if you all know who am i talking about..

there you have, mr george starting the fire, looks damn pro~

hou chi hai gam~ and alex, my brother challenge u to cook man, cause that day he saw ur maggi mee goreng like damn nice to eat like that, hahaha...

this was actually my hand, the rice didnt look so nice because it was those they call cheap rice back then, but it is delicious if you have been eating the aroma white rice.. eggs, oil, rice, and presenting to you the Low Chefs~ richard<----still learning; but not giving up..

that black egg.. it was.. pei dan..

TA DA~ 皮蛋蛋炒饭~


good day and goodnight~

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