Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hot [Edited]

yeah.. it's so hot when i went to hot yoga with my mom, my goodness.. my 1st yoga class i went for intermediate lessons, it was really fun as you can really push your body to the limits... and yeah.. 95% all ladies there.. lol.. enough said.


so.. while doing my revision in my grandma's house in Canaught, I suddenly feel like watching a movie. Would have been to GSC signature, to look for George as well lar but it's still not being shown there, thus, we saved 12rm per person. lol..

I've decided to watch three kingdoms since, whao, it's like okay, big shots are playing the show:"Andy Lau and Maggie Q, cool, and it's the story of the three kingdoms! even cooler!" so yeah, went to GSC midvalley.

I just find myself liking china's history and it's just too bad that I used to think mandarin language is a lame language to pick up back in primary school. but it's okay, at least I've learn alot from ms and my grandfather when i was in form 5. 名句精华 opens my mind, and makes me wanna look into the Chinese history.

and what more to say when I play 三国志11, I get to know more of the historical warriors and their legends. Some people think it's boring, but I do hope that when I have the chance to read a novel, I will choose 三国演义 novel, and hopefully I can try finish reading it. lol..


Do watch the trailer on the top of the Google search bar, three kingdoms, a movie played well. and of course, the actors are really freaking damn yeng lor. I think Andy lau really gets himself into these war movies, "battle of the wits, the warlords, and now three kingdoms" the best is still three kingdoms. If you all remember the game 三国志11, someone drew Andy Lau's face in 赵云 silver armor. and yes, he is damn yeng, and I was like, okay, so he's really playing 赵云 in three kingdoms.

I've expected lots of cuts in this 三国 movie of course, it's a whole lot more than this. i really like the fights when those warriors fight like man, close range, and not like the people now, what shot you or what hit you you wouldn't know until the CSI finds out for you. worst still if you're in Malaysia, maybe you die white white.

Hell yeah, I didn't expect Maggie Q to play the role of a lady warrior. Unexpectedly, Maggie Q plays the role of 曹操's granddaughter 曹瑛. You will be like whao, that's seriously sizzling hot. Despite that silver armor, psssss...................... and of course you should really watch when Maggie q plays that 琵琶, I'm like, okay, you're really a hot sexy devil. naughty naughty.. wahahahhaha..


seriously, go watch. I'm not joking, I give this movie a hardcore 9 out of 10 rating.

Good day and goodnight

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