Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reply to 3rd Sis's "Thoughts and Feelings"

Well.. yeah yeah~ thoughts and feelings again.. bla bla bla..
Richard is having exam but his mind is again emo?
Don't think so, well maybe sometimes it does hit the brain hard again
But~ ouh well.. Sometimes I just hate studying

There was a theory of love said by my devil sister, in which sometimes everyone does think the same way like it was said.

Love is not blind, love is all about the attraction, lol, attraction falls = love dies = love dies = gg.com

But if you're not planning to go gg.com, then you'll have to come out with something to keep up the spice and the hotness of the relationship, mm hmm.


Talk about Boy Girl Relationship, tsk tsk tsk.. Screw it.

Blog post ends with these quote.

"You're the designer of you own destiny." (Shenba. K - 2008)
"Screw this second, Get a screwed future." (richardlow1987.blogspot.com)

good day and goodnight

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