Sunday, April 06, 2008


night out with Alex tang~ my goodness, oi Alex, looking freaking gay wei.. lol

was suppose to have a few girls to like, at least you will still have a partner to dance with and you feel so satu batang in the club, but well, it's better to go clubbing alone, just as guys, haha.. you can choose whoever you wanna dance with, just hop on to the dance floor and start dancing! ^^

of course, with the help of a little alcohol.. haha.. gets you a little tipsy and a few more guts to do whatever you feel like doing, the effects of alcohol and the lighting, everyone is leng chai and leng luis there..!! hahaha... now i know what ms meant back then.. =p

there you have, aaron, hola, kinz and yun! there's another friend pengsang who solo the dance floor by himself! cool~ and of course they get to know some of the girls in the club as well~ ^^

starting to get a little tipsy.. but not enough, they need at least 2 bottles of whisky, which, for me? no need lar, shandy enough liao.. (just joking) I don't like to drink outside of my house, but it's like, you've still have to carry yourself well when you're out with your friends, don't be so stupid and puke, well, the 1st time is cool, but everytime like that? yo~ know your limits please, noob then don't drink la.. no one's forcing you~ [the paragraph is not pointing at anyone]

that's the drinks for the night~ free mixer, it does taste like shit water when you drink the whisky alone, yark~ but then, with the mixer, erm, it's nice... lol.. richard low is drinking.. lol..

the dance floor, which is something that I didn't like, it does look like a dance floor, but why the hell do they want to throw 4 big cushion at the side to make the floor so damn crowded~ grrrr... like sardine in the cans only man, tak boleh tahan, and then this 2 ma lat lou found a place not so crowded,

and that would be the place next to the pool! =) where all the chiqs likes to dance there as well, and I was actually also waiting for someone to walk or maybe let me say, ter fall into the pool.. lol..


noob Alex kena road block because his car seriously looks like he went clubbing and had drank alot, the friends behind have the kind of look of['wei.. I'm so stone wei.. i'm feeling sleepy kind of look] lol.. was actually on our way to jalan ipoh for mamak after club.. =) reach home about 430am, head is kinda heavy and fell asleep..

hou choi he didn't let the police ask him blow the alcohol thing~ or else he sure one.. lol

Good day and goodnight people!

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sokteng said...

i was clubbing at aussie as well...