Monday, April 14, 2008

A little happening only..

Stress stress and more stress... Acc203.. accounting.. the haunting~ makes me want to drag kam and way to the mamak to explain a little confusions between the accounts.. as you can see i'm really listening to what way says, and of course not to forget what kam has teached despite it is really a little boring..

even yin mei takes my phone to take a little picture of her while waiting.. thank you for your patience.. and there is also jx, the one taking the picture for her.. haha.. call jx out to see us discuss accounting.. until this marketing major also know how to do the accounts already.. lol.. not bad mar jx.. can learn more.. ^^

this was genting on monday evening, picture was taken from the N95 camera phone.. not so clear though.. - -

there you have claire from perth~ skyping with alex and rich in genting old town cafe~ all we can hear was her laughters.. the rest.. she was using her fingers to type nia.. kekeke..

i tell you one thing, this alex tang can cook man! maggi mee goreng with lap cheong, eggs and the curry powder from maggi! drooling already?

and then alls was banging her head on the wall when i say i will bluetooth the songs to her from malaysia to nz for her.. haha.. ^^ i know what you're talking okay alls.. don't have to put such a big emoticon

hou chi hai gam, tan gor min bao, yam gor cha, use a little appple mac which is just the whole 180 degrees of the opposite of windows.. my goodness.. it's so confusing.. cool.. but still vista is cooler.. wakakakak...


and one more thing before i end, i was already driving 80 up genting just now, and this freaking genting bus, was in front of me, turning corners and going up the hill at well, 90-100.. it's so freaking scary as i can see those cars were really moving away from the bus..

i suspect..... the bus driver...

gap si!

Good day and goodnight!

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Abby Choke. said...

hello richard why become blazing d?