Sunday, April 13, 2008

SLaM Dunk

one of my favourite anime~ and i'm sure it has been with you people ever since it was out back in those days~ i don't know why, my sister started animax, and since her friends in her school is talking about it, i sat down with her everyday 6pm to watch slam dunk with her...

well, a different kind of view while watching it for a second time, it was, you kinda know more about the anime, and you kinda well, mock those skills they play in the anime. it is really a different thing when you're watching it in primary school, secondary school and now, university.

i can feel the difference when you watch it at different ages of your life.


I'm sure all of you will start to notice things, things like little kids arguing because of some kiddish games, some stupid toy, quarrelling over it. and we, adults, somehow will just tell them, "aiya, share share lar.. let him play lar, wont die one"

that was what the adults say, okay lar, let's say lar, those adults are quarrelling because of some money, of some assets, then ar, when they die? do you think they will be arguing because of that asset?

things in life, change from time to time, what you have today, might not be what you have tomorrow. so do appreciate everything you have now, satisfy your needs but be reasonable with your wants.


I did something really stupid yesterday... something really really really stupid... I'll tell you guys after my exams... if i remember.. lol..

good day and goodnight...

to everyone who is having their finals or mid-terms,
all the best! gambate!!

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