Friday, April 25, 2008

Sleepless Nights~

1st of all, when i get back from class, this Alex tang!! ask me to figure out what the hell is he writing in this post of his, which it starts like this:

".tsomehtevolIenoehtsiehsrafosesuacebrehroftiawllitslliwIdeneppahtahwrettamon.noosgnaderotgnivaelyawynahcumosgniknihtpotsdnanwodloocotemrofemitgnoladneeyllaer.secalpynamosdnaahcmuy,kamam,sbulc. llewsasecalpynamtubgnaderylnotonylnoyromememacebsahstnemomteewsehtllawontubecinossignileefeht.esirnuseesottsujylraepuekawneveewcitnamorosteynufos.rehhtiw pirtgnadersuoiverpehttuobagniknihtnotpekpeelsottuobasawInehwthginyrevegniknihtneebev'Isyadweftsapehtroftubthginotgnaderotgniogm'Iecnatsniroftituoballategrofotemitdrahemsevigtitub. emittsaleraewylevolwohdnasuyppahehtkcabgniknihterofebrehhtiwtnewItahtsecalpemosottnew

ma de.. Alex tang, financial management and statistics not enough to kill me is it?

now i can be ghost that time you give me this to read. lamer! but no worries Alex, I have crackers helping me out already.. kakakaka....



okay, exams, hard like C***, seriously, before i slept last night, i feel so happy, instead of nervous, i feel happy in the sense that, whao, it's the 25th of april, the 2 papers in a row is here.. lol.. but then ar... not going to put any high expectations on these 3 papers..


so.. what was i doing on the weekends when there were no government in pj ar.. erm.. baby sitting the 3 little girls, went out yam cha in McDonald's at the middle of the night and saw Sam nee in canaught McDonald's, and he asked me "are you still with ms", er, then went out to Starbucks in the curve then to sanctuary for a drink with my polo t and shorts + my always in loved asadi slippers, ms, the slipper is damn cool lor.

er, studying studying studying, then met 6 new girls through Alex tang, which 2 was sok teng's friends and 2 were ex cpu students, and 2 were his tbs friends. they're all very out going, so now Alex, you're always complaining why I didn't bring girls out for u to meet them.. okay.. trying to find who is single and available. you want catholicians right? no problem, still in process.. hahahahahahahahhaha


er.. wait.. os 1st..


continue, okay, after exam le hor.. time to go home lor.. then again time to fetch my sis down to cheras for her ballet, which i seriously hate the jam, if it was not because of the jam it would be more fun as I can save more time in doing more things.. like.. blogging!!!! hahahahahahahahaha

I think I have that blogger sickness, you see right, when you see new things, read new things, hear new things, all that, you so wanna write it down. Well, one it's for you to share it with your peers, and one is to keep a memory of it online. Yeap, a reason I told YM and Alex tang why they should start blogging, =)


i think i should really take Regina's words into account seriously, not to drive too fast, satria, i know, fast mar, that's why, I didnt manage to send my sis to ballet this evening, 1st, jam at jalan templer's round about, (pj - way's area:" already ask him to come out and direct traffic but he only sits at home dota - 这么每天在玩dota;读漫画)

then, went up to npe, driving about 3 digit, then after toll, headed for pusat bandaraya = freaking ended up in bangsar, then jam all the way from end of NPE to end of the strecth, then used kl route to get into cheras, ma de farker, reached seremban highway!!!! the highway which i thought never in my life i would use during traffic jam hours!!!! argh!!!!!!!!


then now, i finally can rest my legs....... blogging... ooohh~~ feels so good.. =)

Good day goodnight, silent night~

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oh well...
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