Thursday, February 14, 2008

MahJong GanJong

cannot man.. already my ah jie sit down at the table keep asking me to play.. her aura is like damn strong.. the sat hei.. already gan jong.. the 1st round.. she win.. feels like no mood to play already cause might have a heart attack, but then my beh gor come over to teach me how to play, well, she did open my eyes to the various possibility of making the tiles, making the right choice, it's not like how the cousins play when we don't have the cash,

okay, cousins' game:"4 kaki, make the most beautiful tiles and then let us see that it is possible."
but, adults gamble:"3 kaki, fast, no mercy, you win or the guy opposite or next to you wins."
seriously, mahjong ganjong.


the 1st game, brothers versus ah jie scenario:
got lar, me and george are like making the tiles for each other.. lol.. cooperation, but then we still eat each other's money, not to say eat lar, cause in cantonese it's called "sek".. you've got to win man, we are damn afraid of "bao wu" 10 points, each point costs about **cents, and not to forget the "feis (flies) and that fei ju yok (fats from the pork)"

then 2nd game, brothers versus ah jie's future husband scenario:
okay lar, too bad our jie fu only won one round when he sits down, if it's not george it will be my turn to win.. lol.. "quen tong zi (all numbers)" for 2 rounds, still thanks to my beh gor lar this round to open my eyes to these possibilities.. it aint cheating, cause it was already my idea to make these tiles, only rearranging it and eating early was my beh gor's guidance.

final round, 3rd round, brother versus ah jie's future husband versus me dad:
no need to say liao lor, final round always gan jong one mar, mahjong pro sit down also must geng 3 points, what more to say he's my dad, another 2 points, so 5 points.. (just counting in cantonese) he sit down that time already like "9 fan", by the time my "jie fu" win this round, my dad was like 10 fan, bao already. cannot tahan liao, i stand up and let my pro aunt play.. haha..


end game, good game.. =)
time to take my bath, time to bai tin gong.
good day and goodnight.

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