Monday, February 18, 2008

Back to Classes

Everything happened so fast..

so fast until i wanna recall what i've been doing for my semester break also i can't imagine what the hell.. it was like.. november back then..and now it's febuary, people don't believe people, people began to trust people, people began to get closer to other people, people tend to seperate from other people, people tend to work together with people, people then go back to the people........

everything is full of ups and downs, it's like the 360 pirate ship in sunway lagoon, it's going up, in the end it will still end up at the same place, which is where you start.. sigh.. too bad lar.. it's always like that.. how you get that thing is how you will appreciate it..

too much metaphors to strat this blog.. lol..


one thing i discovered today, well, another new metaphor, going down the 50 degree slope.. you do not step on full brakes.. but instead you accelerate with it.. go with the pace.. and then i linked this thing to the market's economy downfall..

okay.. i know if i continue writing this thing i'll be writing a thesis for my masters.. lol..


i don't know why lar.. but i think following my dad ar.. going around places ar.. is seriously damn fun lor.. all you need is energy to survive the road.. yeah man.. all my cousins well, the few of us cousins + george also agrees that we get the best food we could ever enjoy..

we went for seafood poridge today, nice nice.. but then the lala was not so good lar... don't like the taste..
BUT!!! then AGAIN!! curry fish head.. yummy yummy.. the curry was then served with a little steam man tao.. i tell you, when the curry reached my mouth it was so bloddy mouthwatering.. and that man tao.. damn warm in your mouth.. the feeling is like.. you never want it to stop there.. you want another.. and another.. yeah man.. everything in your mind was like damn.. this is seriously nice!!


later in the evening we went for fish in sauk.. the usual.. lol.. it was like a contract with the restaurant owner.. everytime my dad used the road there he sure will stop there for lunch or dinner.. depends.. okay, the usual, fish again, all my dad and my cousin brothers favourite.. i don't know why.. but i think i just like rice.. haha.. noob me eh..

about sweet and a little sour and a little garlic to spice up the chili "yu lum" mm~~ hmm~~ you will definitely ask for more.. it's never dissapointing everytime we went there.. it has been like.. for years.. the taste has been the same..


okay.. bye bye people.. time to attack pearl harbor with the cousins..
ahahahahaha.. nice game..

good day and goodnight..

signing off richardlow.. your friendly neighbourhood lamer..