Monday, February 25, 2008

Year 2 Sem 1 Day 1

okay, back to reality, woke up alive, no scratch, still here, grateful that i live another day. i can still see, i can still hear, i can still feel ***********, i can still taste. then i think, it wasn't so bad afterall, life is so meaningful, i can't wait to go taiwan, and i still have many places that i want to go.

BUT!!!! it's the 1st day of year 2!! DAMN FREAKING GAN JONG WOR!!

it does feel kinda weird.. walking back into this place.. but the feel is still the same, nothing has change that much during the past 3 months, i see the same people in my sem going into year 2, I'm seriously damn excited of going into Queensland, but their requirements are you've got to get at least a 2.5/4 cgpa.. why didn't i study harder?

the question that should be asked when i 1st step foot into this college.. but now i'm already asking it.. it's okay though if i get my year 2 subjects into a better great.. that is at least a C, no C-, it should be a C at least. or else i would have to retake the subject in UQ or over here..

i thought i was having about 5 - 6 C-s, phew.. it ain't.. only 1 C- (thanks again to the easy financial accounting1) and one stupid D (thanks to macroeconomics and my 轻敌 skills), now i push myself to the edge la.. damn.. if i can't go to UQ, why not go Sydney with my cousins? not a bad idea also har.. maybe i get to meet their girl friends.. kekeke....

see la richardlow.. always 轻敌, now u see what you get, yeah, 你得到的是一个吉. sitting down here in help using my new laptop.. chillin.. no need to rush home.. lol.. feels kinda.. i don't' know.. it's all about the computer now.. my new girlfriend.. dell xps.. such beauty.. haha..


i don't understand why only when i come back, and then it's study time already ler hor.. then only i get sore throat.. and when I'm working that time, i was so afraid that i would fall sick, but thank goodness i did not.. feel so grateful to have survive the 2 months of work.

i think i have a dreaming disease, which is how i often drift away from what the lecturer is saying, the concentration part is so hard when i analyse what the teacher is saying infront, and i was surprise to have gone so far out of the topic into something else.. i often "slapped" myself back to the topic and when i am back, everything is like so different.


gotta seriously use the N95 voice recorder in the class.. hopefully it does help.. and it is at least a backup for myself when i intend to drift away from what the teacher is saying.. sitting down here.. waiting for time to pass.. planning what should i be doing, looking at the course outline.. planning ahead.. how many A to score this sem.. argh..~~~ pressure..

You're NEXT!

goodday and goodnight..

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