Sunday, December 02, 2007

Definition of Gan Jongness!

1 day before going to gerik!!

Gan Jong!! what do i need now.. and what do i want now..

what is gan jong? credits to the creator of gan jong, (KJX).
gan jong is actually a cantonese word which means nervous, and the correct pronounciation is "gan jiong". According to my memory (lol..), they took away the "i" because it's actually very time wasting.. imagine how many "I s" have you type because of the word gan jiong.. even your fingers are like.. so kek.. want to turn from the "o" to the "i"
-stories have been remixed to protect the innocent-


1. SunBlock Lotions
2. Long Sleeves
3. Long Pants
4. Loads of Socks
5. Loads of Pictures to pass time
6. Loads of games in my N95 to kill time
7. Loads of movies in my N95
8. and.. TBC

1. a 4gb micro sd card
2. to know whether is marketing or accounting or finance i'm to be in
3. to get rich
4. a lamborghini
5. to look for himself
6. to have time-off holidays
7. to go to UQ
8. to travel around the globe to everywhere there are human beings
9. still growing.. TBC

well well well.. so richard is not going to be in KL for 3 months.. woohoo~~ celebration.. anyway, i'm off to a journey to grow! thinking and to enter the Social University and have a taste of the hardwork which is always outside of my life..

money is not easy for a businessman.. and i'm very sure that's true.. developing a future with PTC.. well.. i don't know man.. my dreams are often stopped at some point, but they will not stop me from growing even bigger ones..

"one should never stop dreaming"

MAFIA INC (Catholic High), back then, i dreamt of getting this inc worldwide no matter how many years it take.. well.. no one has the vision i had, so it's no point going there alone, it takes time, money, and effort to develop a great project.


Ms's friend leonard, although he looks noob at the 1st impression (i didnt say that k), but he has been doing something which inspires me, a charity project under the name
Pack the Floor for 24. do check it out, at least if you're not going for the event, donate for the kids, it's Rm35 per ticket, so.. if you've have not been doing some charity work.. or you've been lazy to get out of your house, helping other people, i would suggest you do yourself and other people some good..


contact : for more information


i'm so going to chop down the trees.. wahahahahahaha..
end of the post in pj for the week, might be blogging with my hp..
dont stop from returning to this blog people.. =)

end of the post, goodday to you people and goodnight!

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