Monday, December 03, 2007


wasssup people..

wanna know what's life in ipoh?
well.. last few years it was not very developed.. can't go out look for stuffs to do and to eat and stuffs.. lol.. and i still haven't acquire my license to drive.. but now.. 3 years after i've got my license to drive.. it has been the time that i live out alone.. although not completely alone but it is considered alone as well.. not having any guardians around me for like.. it's going to be a week..

yeah.. so what? i'm like that too isn't it when i'm in kl? i don't think so.. although i'm here with my cousin brother, i still feel like i'm not at home.. not my grandparents, not my parents.. i have to wash my own clothes.. lol.. with the help of the washing machine of course.. gonna eat out.. breakfast, lunch, and dinner.. so i now er.. kinda feel what it's like to be out of kl.. and i hope during this period of time, i will learn to be more independant..


TBC.. gonna go back to hang my clothes.. ciao

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