Wednesday, December 05, 2007

never been so happy to..

see my dad.. Yes.. If my close friends who know me well, they will know some parts of the story.. But yes.. My dad came up to sg siput today.. It's like you're seeing the king and you're that peasant..

We really had a long chat and i know he really likes me to get involve in the timber industry.. And he talks about the wood like i talk about symbian phones.. Lol..

Then i tell him.. If i want to reach his stage of professionalism.. I'll have to learn about 10 years.. And after that it's still learning.. Duh~ (learning about symbian is not like i'll stop at n95 right?)


Boring section:

Today's working hour.. Wake up 6am, work until 1130am, eat for 15 minutes, continue to work, work until 6pm, dinner until 830pm, caught up with tmrw's news till 9pm, blog and check mail..


Time to sleep.. Goodnight malaysia.. Tmrw's another new day!

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