Saturday, December 29, 2007

6 Days

this 6 days, was really tiring, but then, i enjoyed myself, working really keeps my thoughts to myself, seriously, i think without work, i would be crazy and thinking myself to tanjong rambutan, one thing ar, my n95 saved my life, to the max.. haha.. training for mahjong now, who want to challenge me during CNY, come to my house, show me the money.. hahahahaha...

清一色 对对糊
not bad eh.. finally i showed the computers some color..


man, it was definitely cloudy on tuesday and wednesday, but it was really fucking hot on thursday, friday and saturday.. i dressed myself up in long sleeves, working gloves, long pants, a straw hat and a towel to cover my face from the dust.. it was really hot in there.. psss..... lol.. but then yeah, it keeps me from dehydrating myself if i were to expose myself to the sun..

it doesn't matter how much water you drink when you expose urself to the sun, you'll eventually get dehyedrated by the end of the day and then follow up my a fever and so on.. well, just to let you guys know why the desert fellas wrapped themselves up like they should be wrapping themselves up in that clothing during winter..


good day and goodnight people..

hopefully, it rains tonight.. hahaha..

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Anonymous said...

hey fren i think it's not worth it to build ur sand castle with a BITCH right?u are nice guy and there are plenty of gals out there who willing to build the sand castle with you fren.Dont ever hurt yourself here dear...u know what i mean and i hope you will show me.W...A...I...T...I...N...G.