Tuesday, December 04, 2007

saved by the neighbour's wireless network

people people.. Tuning into richard's ipoh fm.. Life here is definitely more chill.. Calm.. Serenity.. And i think not anyone can handle this like me, lol.. Not everyone can survive without a computer, except ah kam, well.. He didn't have a choice that time, but now i have, i can choose to go back to my comfort zone, where i take everything, now i feel the pain where i can't take money when i'm zero.

Well.. At some point it's really hard because i can get money when i want. Not alot of them but money to keep me survive. Here in ipoh, i have to support every meal on my own, even when you go to the cyber cafe you'll have to think twice.. BUT! ONE THING'S FOR SURE.. The food here.. Own the utar economic rice, 4 dish for 2.80(student price). Here.. I get 2.80 also.. But the dish are definitely cheaper.. And it's to everyone..


Okok.. Yea yea.. The cost of living in kl is higher.. How can i not know right? So.. One of my plans is to move to the east coast.. Where timber license are given out at 10s of thousand hectors.. Not like ipoh.. They're only thousand.. So noob.. Lol..

And my other plan.. To develop the lands after the trees are trimmed from the grounds.. Lol again.. Haha..


Okay.. So now i miss my baby until i've dreamt of her.. People say you wont appreciate things until they're gone.. So true.. So guys and girls.. Treasure your parents when they're here.. Not only your parents la of course.. Your family members..

What i've learnt from my parents is that siblings are the backbone of the company.. 10 chopsticks are not easy to be broken if not one.. You get what i mean don't you? It's what that keeps the family running.. Although i can feel that ah ma is really and super important to all of us. Duh~


Wireless network disconnected.. Good day to early birds.. goodnight to sleepless birds.. Goodluck to exam birds..
goodbye to kl..

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