Saturday, December 01, 2007



1st of all.. STUPID ADP!! nono.. STUPID HELP!!
if you want the students to bring the dockets into the exam hall.. can you all like please.. make it everytime you check the dockets and not once in a blue moon.. that is so lame..

so what's it's my own fault that i didnt bring the docket? i blame myself but i freaking wanna blame you too.. system cha! system zha! system mm dak ding ar! sao pei.. mm dim.. staff dont know how to use fax machine.. my goodness!! and you charge me 2 bucks for that stupid paper.. but it didnt stop there..

i went all the way to main block.. luckily there's a girl who parked the car infront of HP parking.. or else.. i sure GG u HELP! want to make me fail is it? want to earn my 1.1k is it? next century please!


well.. cut the anger.. it's not worth it anyway.. haha.. and luckily your mc100 is easy.. and thanks to the tips by chee horn.. credits to him because he was the one that pass me the tips.. =)

well well well.. i didn't study until this morning.. haha... 5 hours before exam.. wahahahaha... still laughing now.. lol.. heng dek.. what i need now is holiday.. 1 year of stress.. well.. not so stress.. like the lls101 says, "nothing to do or doing lesser than the usual is as stressful as having alot to do.."

totally true dont you people agree?


things i did one day before MC100
WARNING: [it's boring unless you really want to find out what did i do in this section of the post]

1. Wake up in the morning (friday 30th of November 2007)
2. Walk
3. Sit
4. Walk...... lol... just jk..

okay here goes.. woke up at 11am, stone around, read one page of the chapter 18 notes, loaf around in my grandpa's house, watch george play dota [naix], wait for ms to reach, took my bath, send ms down to cheras for job interview in leisure mall starbucks, went to bread story, bought 5 bucks worth of bread.

went to starbucks, sat down, didnt order anything to drink, checked out the movie screening time alone, went back to starbucks sat down again, turn on msn messenger on my N95 [yes, i'm able to go online on my phone FYI], wait for ms and then went to bought tickets to enchanted,

went back to pj at 7pm, ate crab with bread and rice.. damn nice.. yummy yummy!! =) finished my dinner at 830.. studied for half an hour.. went downstairs to join my brother's party at 9pm, drink skol, sit until 11pm, went out to ms's place because george say his friends were like staying over.. okay.. and then i fell asleep..

woke up at 550.. went home started studying.. lol.. and that's how i came to the revision part anyway..


anyway.. enchanted is really nice.. reminds me of the disney cartoons i use to watch when i was a little kid.. having to understand more on what it means when i grew up.. it's all full of metaphors and similies.. well about enchanted.. i like when the girl sings.. lol.. arrrrhahahahahaha.... lol.. damn zha dou when they're like all those drainage rats, pigeons, cockroaches and flies.. lol.. well yeah.. these pests are what we dislike in our everyday lifes..

it's true that the movie projects what's the not happy ending in the real world..

you know sony erricson's or sony's shakin' thing and then it'll change tracks right??

and yes.. if you've been following my posts.. you'll know what i'm talking about by now...

THE N95 is able to shake and change the music man!!!!!!!!!! it's so.. like.... argh!!! all in one.. wahahahahahahahahahahha

i'll end here..
goodday to everyone and goodnight.. =)

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yinmei said...

we freaking watch enchanted the same day but diff place!