Monday, December 31, 2007


On new year's eve, i've decided to go into the jungle for a ride with my dad.. And man, the hill roads are 45 degrees and approximately about 50 degrees.. The N95 accelerometer tells me the degrees.. that's why i know..

A view inside the forest, picture taken on a toyota hilux 4x4 with an N95..

When i'm out of the car, i've decided to take a shot from a human's view..
Where the trees are seriously freaking tall..
And there you have, a trackter to clear up the roads.. Machines are definitely powerful..

That darker orange vehicle has only one hand, and mind you, it can handle the timbers with ease.. The lighter one transports the logs to the port (the place where i'm working at currently)

Bald Lands, waiting for replantation of new trees, a more organised way as the hills are devided into parts, and i think we're gonna plant palm oil trees.. $$$

End of slides.. time to sing some K!!
Bye bye.. pssss... i'm in KL now.. hehe.. just for one day.. reached at 1130pm
Good day, Goodnight and Happy New Year

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