Sunday, December 09, 2007

What a day in KL..

2 hot chiqs.. when one is ms and the other one is Caphy.. if i spell your name wrongly please correct me.. lol..

well.. i was at ms's place in the morning.. ate my favourite curry mee.. loved the si ham.. and the chicken.. what more to say i love the taufu pok.. added with my favourite kuay teow.. yummy... =) satisfying..

later that i went back to pj to fetch my sis.. then went back down to cheras.. fetched her to kumon.. sat down and blogged the last 2 posts.. and then i watched rich kids.. the rich and famous lifestyle "some" of the rich kids spend their money, their time and their life.. it's full of drugs.. sex.. clubs.. money.. and what more to say about alcohol and ciggarates..

later that.. i went out with my cousins..

cheers~ it has been a long time since we've sit down in a bunch of people and talk.. feast.. and blow water.. haha.. not blowing water actually.. it's just jokes.. and life experiences from different perspective of our lives.. although diversified.. but we're all under one surname, the Low..

and guess what again.. i've bought a 4gb micro SD card, high speed class 4 for RM142 in today's pc fair.. viewnet's the company name.. and then.. it has a lifetime warranty plus it's the cheapest i've found in PC hair.. remember.. it's high speed.. so.. i'm happy now.. 30 dramas and movies can be uploaded into my phone.. yeah..~~ no more boring ipoh.. lol.. my expected price was like 200 bucks.. so.. saved about alot..


and then i went down to bukit jalil.. i was tired so i did not really enjoy the cars.. but i like their basses.. very ummph.. makes my heart thumping.. all cars are very cool.. even the oldest car.. they are also able to pimp it.. i hope i will do something like that to my grandpa's volks.. lol..


the girls there.. are.. sexy.. the cars there are superb.. how i wish i will have the cash to pimp my own car.. but then.. i will then allocate my cash to assets.. not liabilities if you business people know what i'm talking about.. lol.. my target is the lamborghini..

model search.. which is.. they're like dancing.. in a club.. when they're being watched.. credits to their courage.. skirts and skimpy clothes..

out of those 5 pictues.. i prefer the last one.. lol.. don't know why.. i'm so into their VIP cars.. very luxurious.. and the promoters of the luxury cars has those classy style..


I just love those BMWs and those Super Cars.. they look very glamorous.. stylish.. and most of them all.. luxurious.. real leather by LV for the side of the cars.. surround sound systems of the best quality sound with PS3 install in the car, a dashboard for you to put your laptop and a mini bar where you can prepare your own drinks.. chandelliers of the most beautiful hanging from above the interior car lighting..


time to sleep.. good day and good night.. =)

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