Sunday, November 25, 2007

30 reasons Malaysia is better than Singapore

1. Malaysia has royal families who get benefits.
2. Malaysians have the "roti" men to bring us bread.
3. Malaysian drivers are infinitely more x-treme than any other country's drivers (especially Singaporean drivers)
4. Malaysian drivers are allowed to U-turn anywhere, even when there is a "No U-turn" sign.
5. Malaysia has about 10,000 times more daredevil motorcyclists than The Entire World.
6. Food is cheaper and nicer in Malaysia.
7. Malaysia has the "old newspaper" guys.
8. Malaysia has the "tilam lama" guys.
9. Roti canai is nicer in Malaysia than in Singapore and other places.
10. Malaysian cencorship rules ensure healthy uncorrupt youth.
11. Trying to get a taxi is infinitely more exciting in Malaysia because of their unpredictability.
12. Malaysians are nicer than Singaporeans.
13. Malaysia is made up of two land masses, while Singapore has only one.
14. Malaysia is bigger than Singapore.
15. Malaysia has "Akademi Fantasi...".
16. In Malaysia, the Parkson store is permanently in "The Grand Sale" mode.
17. "Rendang" is easy to find in Malaysia.
18. "Rendang" cheap in Malaysia.
19. Malaysian taxi drivers have a 1 in 3 chance of having very interesting and/or provocative views on life.
20. Malaysian weather is the best in the world.
21. The Malaysian "Ringgit" is totally original, not like Singapore's dollar.
22. Malaysian mamak give you good food for good price! (without any of that "hygene-guarentee" nonsense)
23. Malaysia airlines is very nice.
24. Malaysia has a car named after a mousedeer (its a small car!).
25. Driving in general is more exciting in Malaysia because of the unpredictable appearances of motorcyclists.
26. Malaysia has three of the tallest towers in the world.
27. Singapore buys water from Malaysia.
28. Pak Lah is cooler than Lee Kuan Yew.
29. If you count the colour frequency of the Malaysian flags in order backwards, it spells BEST IN THE WORLD.
30. I live in Malaysia.

Lol.. was browsing through adam's garden, then i found this.. lol.. true true..

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