Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The end of the day is the start of a new tomorrow

was suppose to be the last presenter.. well.. it's hard to get people's attention because if the people in front are boring.. anyway.. they're all good.. the 1st person david was actually very geng, put pressure on all of us.. fluent english with da hip hop style, one word :"cool"

then xiao xun's and zee wui's turn, both were with ties, one word, yeng, and zee wui said that he bought he's shirt and pants for about 30 bucks.. all of us were like wtf.. damn cheap.. but the material used were very presentable and yeng..

the clash of pyschology students and business students.. you get = BPYSC.. haha.. copyright from pyschology students.. sorry ar.. i cite u all 1st.. lol.. very interesting to get to know more about different courses.. and i'm sure the pyschology students were surprised to know some stuffs out of their fields.. =)

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(Suck) (Okay) (Hoping for a better spot)

A picture viewed from the eyes of the heavens.
Nokia N95, Section 7 Petaling Jaya


Dressed up well for "my next career move" presentation.. =)

Nokia N95, By MS, Block E, Nov 21, 2007


The Picture that really made my day in the morning.

SE K810, 21st November 2007

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