Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thank GOD [Post dedicated to 四少爷]

4 siew, if you all have been following my blog you all would have known who the hell is this fella. He, a very caring brother, always taking care of your needs, looking after you no matter how much or how not you need them. He was the one that took care of me when i was in ipoh working.

Guiding me and providing me feedbacks on the working environment, the possibilities, the dos and the don'ts. He was a good cousin brother and he still is of course. To him, family is the most important thing in life, no matter how far he is, he would try his very best, even though it was only for a day, 18 hours, he would travel from ipoh back to kl to see his family.


He got into an accident, thank god nothing much happened to him, only got himself 8 stiches. Ouch, what cause that accident, here goes, the road, being next to the palm oil estate, he was moving at approximate 80km per hour, according to him, before he reaches the cornering he already lost control of his hilux.

causing him to have drift from right to left, in the end the hilux overturned. Thank God again, it was his back that was the result that hurt. nothing much, saved his laptop, saved his n95, saved his glasses, all of that saved, but most of all was his life. His mother must have worried sick, well, everyone worried of course.

Accidents do happen people, drive safe, be alert. Think what the other drivers might do and not only think what the law protects you from. The insurance company will only compensate money but not a second chance to life. Maybe if you could argue with me that the medical bill will save your life but come on, what if you do not reach the medical room on time? What IFS.

Remember your close ones before you step on the pedal, do not tail gate, always have a distance with the car infront of you. You wouldn't know what the other fellas in the cars around you would do. He might be texting messages, She might be calling her hubby, He might be munching on his zhap fan, She might be looking for coins beofre reaching the toll.

You just wouldn't know.

Think of your love ones, drive safe. you'll still get there.
[That's also telling myself]


To Wife, Don't Sudden Brake.
To Kam, Don't Drift in the carpark.
To Way, Don't Sms in the car.
To MS, Don't tailgate.
To Ym, Don't drive too slow.
To Alex, Don't tailgate.

To everyone, Think of your loved ones.


Good day and goodnight. God Bless.

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Vicious said...

Add one more in list:
Richard don't take pictures while driving..