Thursday, May 22, 2008

Glory~ Glory~ Man United~

Moscow 2008 =)


While waiting for the game, this 2 pictures above remind me of chen moh primary 6 trip to singapore, where everyone was holding their nintendo gameboy color and gameboy light, keep blasting that pokemon, leveling gao gao.

It was a crazy morning, indeed, xiao xun and this samuel kam does have class from 8am to 630pm later, but kam wanted to watch, of course i wanted to cheer for man utd as well, my favourite football team for the English Premier Leauge. Super crazy morning, 245am, but we're at jx's place at 12am on thursday morning.

xiao xun is so pik chik because he regret that he wanted to join me, kam, way, jx, liang and ys for the football.. lol... the whole night the 4, which is jx liang ys and way was playing their psp, well, it was really cool to have a psp, and you can have a multiplayer gaming for 4 and more people i think?

anyway, back to ball, it was really worth our time watching, the attacking and defending were really superb. one thing i dulan is that on the 44th minute of the 1st half, thining that chelsea wont score, i went to the toilet. when i was peeing that time, goal!!!!! chelsea got that equalizer. 1-1

waaaa... so pik chik man.. lampard scored the equalizer, and way keep telling me to go to the toilet because he was supporting chelsea for the night, liverpool fan he was, he wanted chelsea to win. lol..

more pik chik is when ronaldo lan si when he was taking the penalty, waaaa... he had that stupid kick when in my memory that style of taking the ball:"satu pun tak boleh masuk" why? he did that pause thing, and that the keeper knew where he was kicking. ma hem.. but the crossing was superb and that ronaldo took that header with style.

pik chik fellas.. xiao xun supports the grass.

Good day and goodnight [going out to yam cha now]


sokteng said...


RichardLow said...

sok teng, i know u're an arsenal it?

karena said...

how come u know

RichardLow said...

i think that time when i'm at ur house i got see those arsenal mechandise gua?

or maybe i know girls only will either support manchester united or else arsenal nia.. haha..

karena said...

year 2 is tough...
go study now...dont blow water here d