Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Condolences

We share the same sun, the same oxygen. But some places in the world, we are blessed with the best food, the best people, the best culture and the best taxes. Despite being grateful that there is still rice on the table nowadays when I read the news that there is food shortage in our neighbouring countries, I am also grateful that my family and I can still sleep soundly at night.

19,500 and counting, the death toll of Sichuan china province. My condolences.


Na na na jade, you now can see why i say i can blog about anything under the sun. haha. even a candit picture of u.. ngek ngek.. yeap, today's theme for the tea session was assignments and tattoo drawing. haha.. damn yeng the picture. ^^


before rev-fing up the slope. this picture really made me pause for a while. effects of 5mp (N95)-satisfying.


good day goodnight


Jade said...

well, despite those tragedies that happened around us lately, yet there are still ppl that dont appreciate or be grateful for what they already had. and how blessed they were.

anyways, kindly remove that pic of that girl.she looks fat.

ofcourse the tattoo is's for the yeng girl. =)


winnie said...

ehemm...yeng tattoo drawn by yeng girl too! =) anyway............nothing la..