Saturday, May 03, 2008

Iron Man

One fine sunset, when the sun was about to set in NPE highway, the horizons and the lights that made this picture come alive, was again the effects from the speed of the car and the N95.. ever wonder if you could watch sunsets whenever you want, and wherever you want it? Pictures just makes history even better, makes your memories stay fresh in your mind.


Man made of steel, but are you? woke up at 7am, got a sweet morning call~ started my day, after 2 hours of sleep, which was the post below that the stupid tooth ache, when i couldn't sleep, guess what did i do?

you couldn't have guessed it better, yes, i went online, not to blog only, but to google about tooth ache.. which have increase some understandings of mine to wisdom tooth and the "re qi" de aching.

then when i was at statistics class, which i thought i have missed out the financial management class this morning which i did not go, my friend told me that there will be no FM classes for 2nd of may and 5th of may, whao.. my luck.. i can go for accounting replacement on monday and which i did not missed out any classes for the last whole week.. phew..

then so pik chik, while gaming that time, these opponents have those hacking device called maphacking, in which they are able to see the whole map and those areas which in the normal game they aren't allowed to see. kena owned by them, but after being owned 2 times, the bros of course developed a technique for these losers.. wahahahaha....


iron man was really cool. go watch. i'm not going to say anything, but, it's damn cool. haha..

teik shing has this very cool quote "bros 1st girls and chiqs come after them.." sometimes, not, well most of the time he also know how to say something that really makes the evening..

went to yam cha with him and 4 siew, the 3 of us, watched iron man in leisure mall, ate a whole combo pop corn with the F&N grape (yummy ~ slurpping) sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrpppppp....

end-- good day goodnight


winnie said...

Drank too much alcohol and hot caramel chocolate made u to hav tooth ache..=/

RichardLow said...

i guess that's the cause.. =(