Sunday, May 25, 2008

Different Sunday

Please Use Potrait Mode, as in, turn ur screen around.

The Escorts - A.K.A en daos. lol

The most beautiful women of the evening.

Zhao Zhao and Wor Wor.

姐夫 - The most en daos of them all.

Front Line, Well Prepared with the Laptop. Cool~

Cutest, Cutest and the most very the super cutest (in the normal english vocab there weren't anything like what i've typed - "most very the super cutest")

They were also happening, I'll tell you what these 2 fellas did this evening. Haha..


Shot of the evening.

They even had their own cd album. ^^


My best wishes for the both of you.

I did enjoyed myself alot tonight. It's priceless. Money can buy everything, but not memories created by you yourself. Treasure every moment you have, let it be the happy memories that engraved in your hearts and your brains.

A little kid didn't know the meaning of family, but he realize how important it is.


Good Day and Goodnight


sokteng said...

: )

RichardLow said...

sok teng, why so happy?