Sunday, May 18, 2008

4 minutes to 3am

Butterfly Down!

It was friday 950am, and i was suppose to have class at 930am, well, i'm late obviously, but again, Dr Ben will be spending his time setting up the projector for about, half an hour? yeah, in the end, i was only late for 10 minutes. i reached class at 1010am. surprising har.


Singapore tourism hot spots are all charging at the ringgit malaysia rate. which means, these selected places are all 50% discounts if u're a malaysian. cool.. and it's ends at june 30th. Leng Lui crystal, waiting for u to come back, then we couch there together with the brothers!!! GAN JONG!!


Starbucks Midvalley - I owe her one cup of starbucks because i promised her that if she start blogging, i'll buy her one cup. check out her blog over here.


Oh, and on my way to ym's house, guess who i saw? xiao xun, this time is not ms okay people, that fella.. okay lar.. i was waiting infront of the steam boat stores at the back of my house due to the traffic jam.

and being a guy, of course i wont spend my stupid time looking in front lar, boring proton wira(no offense alex and kam), then i turn to my right lor, checking out chiqs, then i saw this cute girl, looking very decent.

then!!! next to her, i saw a familiar hairstyle, then i saw a black singlet! then i was like, hoi! that was xiao xun wei! wind down the window, shouted his name, "that time he must be very scared because he was in some place not of his own, like got gangster want to chop him like that" that kind of look.. lol....

sorry lar xiao xun, leng lui of course let people gap one.. ngek ngek..
(a little salt and pepper was added of course; but the black singlet was for real)


good day and goodnight

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