Wednesday, May 07, 2008


why so dulan... okay, maybe i've over reacted or what la, but when u're like chasing the tvb drama, like you've been following the drama, and always guessing those things correctly for 2 days in a row, ignoring your game, ignoring your blog and ignoring your assignments, then you see a lame sad ending. you tell me, dulan or not?!!?


grrrr..... 20 hour marathon.. it has been like for n years i didn't go after tvb hong kong series cause i think that they're lame la, and those endings you can already know it at the beginning. cause they have been giving you satisfactions that it's always after those suspense, climax, and that ending they give you, just makes you feel happy.


hmm... sonija kwok and kok zhun onn, super should be together in that drama wei, my goodness, i am talking like those aunties who always sit at home and watch tvb series.. haha... but oh well.. if you all know me, you will always know i do not like to hang around and wait for the next episode with astro. but i rather go rent those episodes and try to finish them within 3 days.


therefore i can continue with whatever's important that i'm doing.. "when you feel that's the dead end, try to go back to the beginning and walk the steps again."

why someone must die in the end har?? kan ** *** ma hem... dulan...


bad day for me, but good day to all readers and good morning..
6am........... grrrrr.... pik chik...

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