Tuesday, May 20, 2008


A picture might even tell a different story from a 3rd person's point of view. To ms, maybe it's because i've been driving too fast in her memory that she thought i would have been taking this picture while i was driving. well, yes, i was driving but i took this picture because it's too boring to get caught in the jam in canaught highway.

Then, I just took my n95 out to try to take some shots of a night potrait and the fast moving cars on the other side of the road. I didn't get the effect I wanted but well, everything has their story to tell. Every picture, it's only for you to wonder into each picture that was taken. Sometimes a picture might be beautiful in someone's eye, but when it was being explained too much, that beautifulness in the person's eye might fade away.

I just watched forbidden kingdom, thanks to alex, but of course, the movie, i think it's damn lame lar, mou la kang one, but on the other hand also, i really fok those people who would invest in these movies, they're really daring of course. People watch that movie because it was a show by the 2 greatest hollywood kung fu masters, Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

One saying that always go with martial arts is that if you knew too much about all sorts of things, you learn harder. The easiest way to learn is to learn it from scratch. It would be installed in your mind quicker. We can tell by just using the computer as an example. Isn't it faster than it was back then when you bought your laptop?

I think i'm just like some insect, i'm attracted to the lights, lol..


Green Bananas Edward, lol, macro shots must be taken at close range mode okay people, lol.. it never does really look macro-ish when you use zoom. Or maybe it'll make another kind of effect. It is really fun to play with the camera doesn't it? So people, don't waste your camera or that camera phone you have, you'll never know when you've got a great shot.



It was a mess, non-stop marathon with my xps, all night all alone with her, sorry wife, don't get jealous over my laptop okay? hahaha.. it's my way to communicate with you only.. XD

A million thanks to my friends who have not given up on me and helped me pull through my assignments. I was about to be dead when you guys came along and pull me up. I told myself:"how could I give up on myself when others are not giving up on me?" That was the thing that kept me all night and all morning, working with it.


My 1st attempt with 3 assignments dued on one day, the craziest thing that happened so far in academic studies life. Next, finals in 2 weeks. 3 days in a row marathon. All morning papers. My goodness, this is uni life. THIS IS LIFE!!!


baby baby baby baby baby~~~!!~!~!@$#!#@$#^&$*()(^*&^%$#@!

3 assignments due on the 20th... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.......

done all, done!!!!!!



Jade said...

hey, dont get too hyper ok...chill! *laughs*

RichardLow said...

hyper already then can only sleep mar.. haha.. too much 100 plus liao just now.. XD