Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Love You

1 years, 8 months and 3 days.. did we ended or should i say i was the one who asked for the break up, and i thought you would have rejected it, and you accepted it. i am fine with it because i would really love to see you be loved, cherish and respected in life. i would be very happy for you if someone would take good care better than i do, and i'm sure you have found your new love.

During the times together, i am really happy because i enjoy stonning with you at home although doing nothing, just hugging you beside me would be the nicest thing that i've ever own in my whole life. your warmth keeps me appreciated, no one sees me like you do, no one knows me well like you do.

kissing you has been the sweetest chocolate that i've ever taste in my life, you're my 1st and and you're my true love, althought i'm not your 1st love, but you showed me how is it like to be loved by the girl of my dreams.. i would have not walked the 1 year 8 months and 3 days with these kind of feelings alone..

holding your hands has always been in my dreams even before we were together, i wonder how is it like to hold a girl's hand, not any girl, but the girl in my dreams.. i wake up thinking that i am already yours back then.. my hands were numb, and when i hold the numbed hand with my other, how i wish that hand were yours..

waking you up every morning is a must for me because it was like you would need the hot water to melt the milo, and yes, you did melt my heart every morning, your sleepy voice has been the fluid to start my day during the times in taylors..

seeing you online has always been my past time, waiting for that green icon to turn green, and then to click on that name, no matter is it "hi", "yo" or "apa atas", i know we are going to chat till you finish work..

and when you're on the way back home, i would call you and you would always tell me how many traffic police officers are there and when you look at the traffic police officer and when he looks at you..

the times when we sip that coke in mcdonalds, the times when we shop together for groceries, the times when we were in the car going to kajang, the times when you hold my hand in the dark, the times when you would hug me in the dark when we were in the car at night while uncle chong was driving, the times when you would kiss my lips out of a sudden, the times when we sit at the swing in pj, the times when we listen to hitz and then laughing at the gotchaS, the tea sessions with the lamers, the times when you would ask me to stay longer when i would have to go, the times when i send you home and i long for that goodbye kiss, till the time when i leave your place, going home waiting for you to call asking me if i were home now, till the time when we would go anywhere together, till the time when people know us as one but not a different entity..

i love you ming shiu.

take care.


7 said...

The happiest moment only remains for a very short period of time. You know what's the best for both of you. To love her in d heart it's always better to show ...cuz True love is indescribable...

Live life cool bro...

Anonymous said...

love is everything.. u love someone as much as u could in the beginning but until the end but somehow u don't know how much u invest in her and how much she appreciate it.. just one sentence, love is everything..

Anonymous said...

hmmm...actually love can be a very warm o very hot..juz c how u treat it..having a true love is very nice one...but when u meet some bad lover, juz take it ez for example eatting dim sum only.. forget about the bad one n remember the good one that u have is enuf adi... hope u noe that..