Sunday, January 13, 2008


It's a Sunday!

(the saturday night)
it rained today in sg siput, but i was back during thursday so 4 siew and i decided not to go back for the weekend.. we went to kuala kangsar, the place where all king's relatives lives.. the palace is there, quite cool la, nice, and duh~ it's of course very big.. i dont have the usb port with me now so i can't really show you the pictures of that palace.. went to the bridge that was built for the sultan in kangsar.. where it's quite dead because it's not holiday so no one visits that place..

we went into the jungle when it was 1am.. lol.. well.. i wasn't that scary because we're in the hilux, imagine cycling in there.. my goodness.. you can't even look at your fingers, that is how dark is it.. before going into the jungle, we were having an online conversation with the cousins as well, really glad that it is a guy talk.. so it's called the brother's meeting.. oh and did i say it was raining seriously heavily but we still decided to go into the jungle and have a look for ourselves..

and yeah, before going online for the meeting, before going to kuala kangsar, we went shopping!!!! damn it's seriously cheap.. 4 siew brought a wallet, a pouch, a bag, and a pair of boots.. well.. i bought 2 bags and a pair of boots.. guess what are the boots for? it's for the rainy weather of course.. =)


okay today, this morning 3am, we were back at sg siput, because we know there will be no work the next morning.. well.. in the morning, we pimped our bikes, and yes, we bring our bicycles down to sg siput.. hehehe.. decided to do some exercise in this town.. fresh air in the evening.. =)

later that we decide to tour manong, somewhere further than kangsar, to do research on timber, we did eventually go into the jungle again where there are waterfalls and streams that looks very clear.. but i wont go for streams in the jungle.. i don't like leeches.. i hear stories about them going into a person's ass or the girl's v and then gives birth inside the stomach.. and then someone will eventually thought that you're pregnant.. ew..

okay after that jungle ride on that double sitter 4x4 hilux, we went down to ipoh, brother's car accesorries shop.. hehehe.. i so wanna get my car pimped! and then all of you will eventually know that car who's boom boom boom from far.. lala car... kam mou chai! wahahaha..

half an hour later, we went to eat shusi at Sushi East, a japanese restaurant next to ER (emergency room cafe) 50 bucks for 2.. not bad.. no pictures of the food but it's much better than sushi king.. but i still prefer the miso soup li mm cooks for us when we're in ipoh..

oh and by the way, deviline's back! that lamer!

good day and goodnight..

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