Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Human Beings Vs Money

hello again readers of all ages, this post, imma gonna talka abouta peoplea anda moneya.

"It's really hard for someone who always sits at home and expects to find the love of their life. Yeah, what the hell are you thinking about when you're 24/7 sitting at home, doing nothing but sleeping. And what, you expect to get laid? Ya right, in your dreams."

The paragraph above is to wake people up who talks but no action. Lol.. Very 乱 right? What's that got to do with money? So yea, the only place where you meet people of the opposite sex is to go out! Spend some money, don't just keep all the cash to yourself, it doesn't work that way.

So again, we've meet some chiqs in ipoh, lol, they're not bad, very friendly and outgoing. Cute as well. :-) ipoh girls, really are 与众不同。

Nevermind what girls i'm talking about. I went shopping today, ar har! My dad gave me some cash to shop on my own after, er, 20 years. Lol.. Cool.. Seriously, freedom at the age of 21. Sweet!

I think i finally bought my 1st nike, as in, ori one la, i know some of you might think i have one, but i think that one is like, fake one. Ym, remember that time i show you the shoe on my lousy webcam? And you and your mom is like laughing there.. = =

Okay, price shall not be disclosed. Bought about 6 items from pdi, 四少 as well. So we spend in total above 1k. Not bad for 1st timers. The feeling is really shiok! Now i know how you feel ym when you shop. Haha! :-)

I asked my mom to buy a pen for my dad, 100rm budget. Hehehe.. Just wanna wait for the reaction from his face. Richardlow just likes to see people stunned. Burrowstrike for dota players.

George failed on the road while the night before he says he has confident on the road. Mm dim. 勿轻视,必失之。I was like that, that's why i lost something that was very priceless to me. This 八少 thought on the road was easy.

Goodday and goodnight.
Tiring day. Oh did i mention that 四少以有目标了!and that chiq is definitely a cutey. Congrats bro, you finally learn something this 2 months.

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