Thursday, January 03, 2008

The 3rd Day; 2008

Introducing today's topic, "I can't get stones on the beach but this is what i think god gave me, something similar to the stone you gave me, the heart which you asked me to keep it for you, it is still with me now, although i don't wear it on me, but it has always been on my mind.. a sign from god.."

Please people, if you want to use the picture above, do give me credit and citation.. lol..


A picture where i got that D&G from shanghai, not bad eh.. the material is definitely nice, or was it Penang, Batu Ferinngi.. ^^
And there you have, the cousins, year 2006 ah ma's birthday.. where all of us are really happy to see each other.. to go out together..
to drink (starbucks to hard liquor..)
to smoke, shh... no more now..
to eat supper always (chicken wings taman mutiara),
to game (ever since dota 5.84 till today's version; we're still together),
to work together (family business, always happy to work together),
to sleep (all cramping in ah mm's house mostly during chinese new year, from young!!)
to travel (all family trips to other countries, other states, and it never stops)
to share (every moment, experience together)
to complaint and blame (all the naggings from our parents together)

lol.. it'll be sooner than later we realize how fast we grew up, George failed his undang once, but not the second time, and later he'll be fetching xin dee to tuitions, YES! finally some air to breathe.. =) but i'm still happy to fetch u 2 idiots, no worries, i'm still and always ur idiotic brother.. hahaha..


2007 Hair Cut; GC Hair Salon

2008 Head, Ipoh, why are you married with ur 1st child.. come out yam cha la.. yor...


$292, 混一色

¥2536; 清一色 平湖


good day and goodnight..

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