Monday, January 21, 2008


(1640 hours)

it ain't any other ordinary monday man today.. Well.. We, bro 4 and i went to the cafe till like 11 something, i was downloading songs, chatting, watching music videos and surfing blogs while bro 4 was doing almost the same thing but was also gaming at that time. Woke up about 6am feeling energetic. A good way to start the day, finished cleaning up then went for breakfast at about 645, ordered a vegetarian noodle thinking that today was 15 in the chinese lunar calendar. Finished drinking the milo then rush to work.

But then, reach the port liao only realize that the clamper already cookoo.. So okay lo.. Do our usual stuff. Everything was going very well, but at almost end of the day, a buyer came to claim his clamper, and therefore the rented clamper is being sent away. Thought that there will be not enough clamper to rush tmrw's work, my dad called and say one clamper will be sent to the port the next morning. Okay, that's fast.

(1900 hours)

One thing solved la that is.. And freaking tiring.. We worked till 8pm. Until the sun is down.. Was dark man.. Until we have to do this.. okay.. after that.. we were rushing home.. all the company with the agents.. the manager was the 1st one.. then he saw a black shadow dashed from the opposite lane to the left lane.. and later that guess what he saw..

(2000 hours)

yes.. a cow.. and then all of us stopped.. there we saw a malay lady, knocking down the cow, i mean, the cow knocked her down her motorcycle.. when we got down, she was screaming sakit.. sakit.. we moved her motorcycle away from her leg.. thank god there is another malay couple, the lady and our housemate helped the malay girl up the manager's hilux, bro 4 and i help with her stuffs, and then she was being sent to the hospital..

well.. according to my cousin brother, the partner's boss didnt spend anyone of them for dinner ever since the work started.. but then again today.. we had free dinner!! lol.. i can feel their happiness.. wahahah...

and when we got home.. it was already 930pm.. damn we're freaking tired.. that's why i stopped blogging yesterday night and said i would continue the following blog tonight.. so.. enjoy the videos..

i'm gonna ciao for now.. getting late liao.. feeling sleepy.. gonna work during thaipussam.. i don't care, as long as i get to enjoy my CNY!! everything is also okay!! wahahahahahahahahahaha....

(2200 hours)


just about clippers.. not clampers.. and what i was wearing that day.. lol

take a look at what the dog does.. video below:

the dog says what the fuck you want in the end!


good day and good night people! sheng is still smoking by the way.. somebody smack him

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