Thursday, January 31, 2008

I just can't wait to be home

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it has been 3 weeks, many things changed during these few weeks, my life has been a complete mess, still very confused, even ym sounded me, i'm glad that they're always there for me when i need them. they and i mean kam, way, reg and ym. and not to exclude my cousins who are always supporting what i've been doing, no matter how stupid they think i am and how naive i'm been. they're there.

i blog because this will be the few last days that i'll be here for my own semester break. going outstation is definitely much fun. i just can't wait to go sydney to stay with my cousin sisters, just hope to be everywhere where there are chinese. and i always believe that i can survive no matter where you throw me.

and i am going to go for the army when i'm back from australia. well, that is part of my dream la that is.


okay, back to the life in sg snail:" it was like, every morning i wake up at 6am, the longer the time passes by, i wake up earlier than before, 1st it was 615, then 610, then 605, 6, 555, and then 550. it was definitely automatic timing when it's 2230 at night, my biological clock adjusts to this healthy lifestyle. glad about it.

then we head for breakfast at this kopitiam, everyday, everyday wan tan mee, and now i'm like.. "eh richard, let's go eat wan tan mee lor!" i will say please read my blog, cause i'm going to say tooooooooooot off please" it is so ew man, until i'm like, "auntie! siew min bao 5 slices! milo GALA 1!" or else i'll just eat vegetarian nasi lemak, not bad actually..

well, we did eat vegetarian food on chor 1 and chor 15 when i was here.. it's definitely healthier la.. no offense to those who eat meat always. i always wonder, is help business department that boring? when i see help students' playing basketball and all the sports in the sports carnival, i was like, okay, they're logo is all about "MYOB"

minding your own business.. no wonder help business department is boring.. haha.. true true.. you only talk when you feel like doing business.. or else everyone's like, hey, mind your own business..

you don't see people like going everywhere saying :" oi, it says do not smoke in the university compound, it's forbiden!" that's why i say la, minding your own business lor..


then it will always be lunch time around 11 - 1pm, it depends on whether is the work done before lunch break. hmm.. it's again most of the time economy rice from the same place where we have our breakfast.. even now the auntie there also like damn "cooked" (sok) already.. or else it would be chicken rice.. haha..


then dinner time.. the 1st month was like we went to ipoh, my cousin's house for dinner, but as time moved on, we learnt that sometime you've just got to learn to be on your own, so 4 siew and i was like, okay, let's bring the bike up from kl to cycle, it is healthy and it definitely helps the company to save petrol..

dinner was much like.. dai yu dai yok, sometimes when without any occasion we will be sitting there at the dai chao drinking a bottle of carslberg, but i still prefer my 1st beer, tiger beer, and i remember it was in the pangkor's stupid disco, where the DJ is SOOOOOOOOOOO LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA!!! plays those hong kong canto shake head song.. so damn lame, reg, ms and ym was there too, and damn, i'm sure everyone agrees that the dj is mm dim for that night.


Reply to Ym's Blog:

and i can't wait to go back for chinese new year, it's about the gambling, but of course, with a little ang paos to sponsor the gambling and that gambling that brings the family together! haha..


good day and goodnight people.. going back to sg snail from ipoh infinity cafe now, kinta city jusco.. well.. the ipoh chiqs are back for CNY.. too bad i'm gonna go back to the dead city of KL.. damn.. ciao..

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