Monday, March 22, 2010

Letting Go

I've listened to some of the great podcast this morning while on my way to Klang, I notice something, I couldn't take excuses from people easily, as in people telling me why it can't be done, and this person who was being interviewed, he is telling his listeners why the obstacles of not able to acquire angel investors is so impossible, that people do not believe in his games creations. In the end, I switched radio channels.

I believe in energy, as in when you're with people who has the positive energy, you'll be attracted to it. Positive energy I defined it as the good, happy and everything possible energy. While on the opposite of the positive being negative energies, it is the excuses like what can't be done, why it always can't be done, there's damn alot of obstacles kinda excuse. I couldn't tolerate with these energies.


But with these energies, you know you have got them both. You have gotta realize where you are, what you're doing at the point in time. It's easier said than done, therefore it all comes to these words: believe & vision what you've always wanted.


Letting Go, is about improving yourself. That time when I switched channel, there's a short interview with Tony Leung.

The interviewer asked Tony: "Do you like working with Andy Lau? Are you afraid that you will lose to him in terms of acting and other things?"
Tony's reply to the interviewer: "I love working with Andy, and I love to share goodness of stuffs with him, this is because if Andy is better than me, I will work myself up to be better than him, it's always a healthy competition which it also ends up being better for me."


Last Friday when I was driving to Klang, there was an interview with a business entrepreneur. He said that letting go is like a pyramid, when you have reached the peak above, you cannot go further and your profit will stay stagnate. The only way to a higher peak is to build another base, a larger base. For example, allowing other people to work for you, so that you will be able to reach higher peaks with a stronger base. Yes, some people might pull out from supporting you, it is also a must to go down from the peak to understand your base from time to time. Checking on these pillars that supports your growth. Imagine a pyramid, and you'll know what I am talking about.


The traditional people will save all the skills he have to himself, because he is scared that other people will tend to overtake him. But then again, what is life without competition, competition is only a way of improvement. You wont work yourself if you're at the top, but with competition, life is much interesting.

The reason is simple, because you know you're not alone, your competitors are your best friend. Because they know you, and they're always concerned about you. They too want to keep up with you. Life's a cycle, when you view your competitors as your friend, it's a positive energy, it's gonna be a healthy competition. Vice-versa.

Signing off
Richard Low

Good day and Goodnight.

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