Sunday, January 03, 2010


Naming this post memo,

dedicated to the people around me with originality from Richard Low.

1. Love the people around you no matter what kind of shit they do, you know they have already done some shit, and they have nothing to fall back on except you, when you pull that bridge away from the person, yeap, indeed the person is dead, nothing is greater than the power to forgive.

2. Love the shit you do, the shit you do probably would be something shitty to you, but it is some sort of gold to other people. You know why I say this? everyone has the same 24 hours to do their own shit, but you choose to do the shit you do best, in which i think no other people would walk the way you walk, talk the way you talk, do the way you do.

3. Love to love, it's okay to love, and always love to love because when u love to hate, you hate to love. With love comes hate but with hate, it will only generate anger thus giving you tons of shit. Start your day by saying it's gonna be your day, you're gonna own this, and surprisingly, you will notice you have already come to the end of the day with ownage.

4. Love your so called weakness, and you will know what strengths you can do with your weakness, and then you will understand all your weakness is just a mere perception of what some minority people telling you that you can't do great with what you're doing.

5. Follow your heart. Live your philosophy. Be aware of what you're thinking.


Well, I think this should be a good post to start the year.
It has come to the 3rd day of 2010, and I am happy with what I have achieved so far.

Good day, and Goodnight People.


Alison said...

oi, nice post. it's indeed inspiring and kinda reminds people of what's more important in life :)

Mada said...

Well, it is in deed a good post to start the year with. But i still think that all the stuff one should do as you mentioned in the "memo" are futile attempts if those close to us don't do it themselves. Cuz it's hard to be good in a bad world. It wears you down eventually.

proswet654 said...


Jackie Savi-Cannon said...

Nery nice the way you describe the best of both worlds..
and what is very important.

whoisnell said...

amusing.. i am constipated. ^*^