Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Business System

Consists of the:

1. The Entrepreneur
2. The Army
3. The Props
4. The Resources
5. The Family
6. The Fun
7. The Health
8. The Field
9. The System
10. The Trust
11. The Fate

1. The Entrepreneur a.k.a the boss, is the person with ideas, ideology, philosophy, leadership, ethics, moral codes, rules and regulations, empathy, empowerment-ship and most of all the creator of a business system.

2. The Army a.k.a the troops, be it the lieutenants, generals, field workers, entertainers, supervisors, managers, clerks, accountants, marketers. The troops consists of all human kind who they works together in the system of the entrepreneur.

3. The Props a.k.a the machines, the tanks, the guns, the paper, the pen, the staplers, the photocopying machine, the straps, the hammers, the saws, the lights, the fans, the air-conditioning, the things that was given a life by the entrepreneur and the army.

4. The Resources a.k.a capital that starts up, the procurement of raw materials, the cash, the credit, the debit, the hedging, the banks, the family support, the partnership, the joint ventures.

5. The Family a.k.a the people behind the entrepreneur and the army. What matters the most and be it the driver of marriage, relationships, friendship, cousins,, grandparents, parents, siblings.

6. The Fun a.k.a the entertainment after work and during work. The seriousness of the work, the discipline, the priorities, the sports, the laughs, and all the drivers for the army and the entrepreneur to stay at work. Without having to feel neglected, or mistreated.

7. The Health a.k.a the benefits behind a health care, the ideology that every human being has a mother that takes good care of the offspring's health. He or she be it the mental health or physical health, should always be given priority to.

8. The Field a.k.a the environment at work, that macro and micro environment where as well the environment of stay for the workers near the field. Questions of whether does the field provides a safe standard for a human being to survive, to live, and to be well.

9. The System a.k.a the system that runs for itself. Empowerment was given, a duty of care should be given, improvised. The system that runs the business. It is a routine to success. Refer Restaurant City in Facebook.

10. The Trust a.k.a the benefit to believe, the thing that should allow all human beings to be at its best when given a duty. The allowable credit.

11. The Fate a.k.a if you get to read this article, well, the whole world wide web is there, but why this blog? Nice meeting you again.


Good day and Goodnight People

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