Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why is everything One and one is everything?

Some people think it's a little nuts to ask the question who am I, where you know the best answer for that question is I don't know. Why I am who I am, the thoughts living within me. Have been dreaming alot these few days, why dreams look so real and why reality is called reality and a dream is called a dream. Things can be what you think it is, in a dream, you still have to do something to achieve your dream, even if you dream of being a superhero, you still have to perform actions to get your results.

I used to think it is so good to just dream and do nothing, but now, I analyze again, in a dream I still have to move to get my goals. Whatever's possible in a dream, it is possible in reality. Vice versa, you want a change, believe it and thus make it happen. A restart button sometimes I asked for, but then a restart button already I was given at the start of this life. And I know that the best thing in life is to be loved by people around you.

This morning while I was driving my father's car to toyota for service, a taxi driver suddenly stopped his car in front of my father's car, I was just so angry and I started honking until I wished that I had a lorry's honk so that I can blast the windows of the taxi with the honk..... Just exagerrating. After all that, I put myself in the taxi driver's seat. And think to myself, if I am the taxi driver, would I be in the situation to stop the car just like that, a bonus thought of me being a "Malaysian".

I was motivated by the world's most influential people. To be on top you have to work your way from bottom up. I am lucky to have what I have. ....

To be continue

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