Tuesday, October 21, 2008

21st Birthday

At the point of time when I look at this picture, time flies. And my sister is already 12 years old now, and soon to be a headache to the family just like the brothers. Being the eldest in the family isn't an easy thing, having a younger brother and a younger sister watching every move I make, watching my decisions and how do I behave is the biggest responsibility I would ever have in my hands.

21 years later after Richard was born. My parents head are full with wrinkles when they sleep, especially my old dad. As time goes by, I grow, time waits for nobody. Every second wasted is every second you age. We never stop aging, on the 19th of October 2008, I am like:"fuck, I'm 21 already." My greatest birthday present my parents gave me was the leadership program with asiaworks to kick start my life ahead of me. Thank You Mom and Dad.

And it is there when I have another family that is always supporting me. The meaning of unconditional love was my birthday present my LP family gave me. A tool for me to practice my leader's skills in real life.

The birthday cake my LP bought me and Justin. ^^ Double celebration. Yeap, coming from no expectations of my birthday was the greatest thing one would ever have. Come what may, I would rather have as simple as just a birthday cake and no presents for my birthday. And here goes, this is what my one bunch of lamers gave me one day after my birthday.


Unique. Out of the norm. Great Idea.
And of course not to forget the wishes from my friends and family members, I thank all of you.
Good Day & Good Night

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