Thursday, October 16, 2008

Treasure Hunt

Sunday Morning
0700 (+0800GMT)
Help University College (Jalan Johar)

One day straight after my WOW day, it is my treasure hunt. My 1st event which involves cash and participants. On my way, it was all the thoughts of quiting because of the teams that were only participating. I only have one week, all my plans were having obstacles with the police license, shopping complex managements, and the most headache case was everything stopped during the raya holidays. I feel that one day of holiday will stop things from moving and time is super precious.

Starting Point
0705 – Team Briefing, the last meeting before the event starts. A few team-mates are excited. Zhu brought a friend to be on the support team with him in his check point. At 0710, we are confirming the teams attending and the contents inside the clue cards. At 0750, Richard sent Candy and Steven to McDonalds’ Mutiara Damansara as it will be their check point for the morning till noon. At 0815, Munir, Zhu and one of the support team members went to Kentucky Fried Chicken University Malaya to be ready for the event.

Amir, Siew Wah and Richard were at the starting point and the ending point which is Help University College Jalan Johar Car Park. The participants with their team name CoreZone arrived at 0845. All dressed in red t-shirt, sports shoes, all energetic pumped up and ready to go. The 2nd team arrived with 3 team members at 0850. While waiting for the 3rd team and the 4th team, Richard, Siew Wah and Amir got to know the 2 teams as how they come to know about this treasure hunt.

Richard set the time to be that 0930 the treasure hunt will start and 1200 the treasure hunt will end. It was considerations that on Sunday the traffic is not heavy and that they are able to reach their destinations on time if they have planned their time well. The 3rd team arrived at 0915 starting with 2 members while they are waiting for the 3rd team member.

Treasure Hunting Started
1st Clue:
At 0930, the treasure hunt started. The 1st clue and the only clue card in order to acquire the 2nd clue card, which all the 3 teams share were given out. Some of the team members looked confused and that they were wondering what they should be doing in order to get the 2nd clue card. The contents in the 1st red clue card were as given below:

- To win: Collect 5 Full Bags of Garbage.

Richard, Amir and Siew Wah under-estimated the garbage the teams collected. Instead of 5 full bags of Garbage, the organizers changed the amount of 5 to 1 garbage bag. CoreZone was very aggressive that they spotted the largest garbage spot next to the basketball court in Jalan Johar Car Park. Team 2 and Team 3 supported CoreZone. Within 3 minutes or less the garbage bag the size of a McDonalds’ garbage bag is filled up.

2nd Clue:
The 3 teams moved to the 2nd clue. The contents in the 2nd red clue cards are given as:

Hint: The Storage is cold.
To Win: You must have the prices of all these 15 products, re-arrange these 15 products.

· Meadow Lee 500mg Original
· Sunkist Orange Juice 1litre
· Pepperidge Farm Gingerman 142g
· Jasmine Super Special Tempatan 10kg
· Sakura Siam Borago Rice 10kg
· Heinz Apple Vinegar 32oz
· Knorr Sup Bunjut Cube 60gm
· Woh Hup Vege Oyster Sauce 500g
· Kings Baking Powder 100g
· Coca-Cola 1.5 liter
· Howei Golden Mushroom 425g
· St. Dalfour 25’s B’fast Tea Bag
· CS Soldier Set
· Carlsberg Can
· Durex Featherlite’ 12’s

Hint: Crack the code.2:4 3:19 7:2 8:14 11:13 13:1 9:1 8:12 3:11 14:3 11:5 6:2 1:4 7:15 8:3 2:16 5:19 9:8 1:9 14:12 4:9 6:13 1:19 6:11 11:4 7:5 15:21 13:7 12:21 8:12 11:12 3:12 10:8 14:2 8:12 3:12 3:4 9:16 3:6 4:3 8:2 6:4 6:3 11:11 9:6 4:19 14:2 13:1 9:1

------------ It's An Example of My Report-------------

Crack the code if you want. I think it would be fun if I were to blog using codes. Haha!

Clue 3:


- To Win: Make sure that one of the group members speaks to a stranger outside of the team for 10 minutes, people who you do not know, before or during the game. Get to know what are the stranger’s dream and goals in his/her life, what would he do to make Malaysia a better place.
- Respect the strangers and do not disturb the public security.
- After you have finished, you will receive another clue from this organizer in KFC.


Here is a Sudoku, in this game and find out what’s the number for the “X” represent.


Rule: Both of the orange diagonals that form the X have all nine numerals, none repeated.
- Then when you have completed, look for the place and then:
- Look for a person who is wearing a blue hat.

And there you have it, Sudoku. A game which gets people headache thinking what should be in the box. But hell yeah, you have just got to solve it one way or another, call your friend at home, look for the internet for sudoku breaking.


- To Win: Find out what are the flavors that are available in Baskin Robins 31?
- To Win: Find out what was Gandhi wearing on 23 of May 1893? – 50;5 A book by Yogesh Chadha

“Sorry”? or “I love you”?
- Here are mixed with 5 countries language: “Sorry” & “I love you”.
- (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, German)
- To Win: Find out one of the missing ones among others, write down the spell and come back to here again, you will get where to go next. Good luck!

Undskyld! Ich liebe dich
Pesaroso Spiacente
Eu te amo Te amo Jeg Elsker Dig
Apesadumbrado Traurig


The Almost Ending, Photo Shoot

- Look for someone similar to what was Gandhi wearing on 23 of May 1893 or to choose between these 3 groups of people:

i. Family of 7
ii. Senior Citizens with unique cap or unique hat
iii. Couples wearing a same unique shirt
iv. A person wearing a starched white shirt, a black tie, a black frock coat, striped trousers, a black turban and black patent leather shoes.

- To win: Team Members must take a picture with these people, and then you are required to print the picture on a 4R size paper. Example, the photo consists of 4 team members, family of 7, or senior citizen, or couples wearing the same unique, or a person…
- 1 4R photo for yourself, 1 4R photo for the organizers.
- Go back to HELP with all the 5 completed clue cards and the 4R photo.

Twelve Eyes


One Quote From Me: Don't Stop Until You Have Finished The Last Episode.


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