Monday, October 13, 2008


The Night before the big day, people came together to have the packaging briefing. It was really fun deciding what are we going to do on the next day. We will have go to these little kids' place and then bring them up to Genting for a one full day trip. 100 HIV kids, including orphans from Rumah Pernim, Rumah Soleha, Rumah Wake and Rumah Amal.

100 Goodie Bags sponsored. You have spider man, sponge bob, barbie dolls. All fully loaded with snacks, 2 packet of drinks, party items, food and etc. We arranged the mineral water, what goes in who's car, just that it is so easy to work as a team, instead of having to just work alone. This is moving so smoothly just because of the word team-work. Having yourself to win is just to have the person next to you win as before you.

Spiderman is definitely cool, although I look kinda erm, Happy! Yes I am, I know this thing just came so fast and that my treasure hunt is the day after my wow day. I learnt that everything is possible given you appreciate your time. There is no reason to failure if I were to utilise my time to the maximum, that means waking up at 6am every morning.

Photography, I did not take many shots in Genting because I did not bring extra batteries there, should have brought extra 2. =\ well.. there are another 6 professional photographers who attended our wow day, the pictures were awesome. You guys can check it out here Introducing Kamilah, she definitely has a very strong interest with photographs. This world is no accident that she is in my small group.

The little ones from Rumah Pernim, all set and ready to go, excited but always disciplined. That is how well their mama brought them up. ^^ There were about 30 LP120s, and about more than 50 volunteers that day, we devide ourselves, although messy, but the whole team park was just flooded with yellow shirts. Everywhere you go you see these yellow shirt and people wonder who are these people, and what are they doing with kids from other culture? Bet that question went up to their mind. We are Malaysians.

Affirmative Jackie. I just love that speaker, just gets me not raising my voice but i can already speak loudly.. hahaha.. Getting everyone together to get ready to go down Genting and back to their respective houses. Heart break though, imagine when you have a kid and the kid you have been playing with the whole day is going to leave you or you will be leaving the kid.

3 year old baby. Very intelligent kid.

He was always busy looking outside of the bus. Checking out the scenaries, wondering what's outside the window. Is it that cold always and do we have to wear jackets everytime we're there.
In the kids mind, everything is a new discovery to them.

My senior. That loving part showed up in her. I will upload more photos after I have collected them. At the mean time, do check out this website and I strongly reconmend photo lovers to check it out.

Good Day; Goodnight.

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